Founded by a few farmers to eliminate the exploitation by middlemen, the company has gradually grown into the number one brand in the country. Amul has changed the lives of poor farmers.

With its years of experience, the brand has led our nation to a new level. Let us analyze the history of the brand’s growth from an infinitely small company to a big brand-“Amul-Taste of India.

Due to its vibrant economy, India’s business market is becoming famous, which is reflected in the purchasing power of its citizens. For example, small franchise businesses have become attractive destinations for entrepreneurs.

Large trading companies take to the streets to open small retail stores, also known as kiosks. One of these platforms is the Amul franchise, which is a major player in the dairy industry.

Opportunity to participate in their activities and help them establish franchise rights. This article examines all aspects of franchising, focusing on how it was established.

It all started 65 years ago when poor and hardworking farmers were exploited and promoted by local merchants day after day.

Facing the unfair and manipulative behavior of local businessmen, farmers led by Tribhuvandas Patel turned to Sardar. Vallabh Bhai Patel to solve the grievances. 

Patel Ji sympathizes with farmers and suggests that they seek self-employment and work independently. The farmers listened carefully to their opinions and set up their cooperatives.

Initially, only a few farmers produced 247 liters of milk. It has now developed into a mature organization with more than 3.6 million milk producers, producing approximately 14.85 million liters of milk every day.

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Some facts about Anand Milk Union  Ltd. – AMUL

  • Amul was established in Anand, Gujarat in 1946 to prevent the exploitation of farmers by middlemen.
  • Amul is operated by Gujarat Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF), jointly owned by more than 3.6 million Gujarat milk producers.
  • Amur instigated the White Revolution in India, making India the number one milk producer.
  • Amul Corporation was founded by Dr. Vergese Kurien, who is popularly known as the father of the White Revolution in India. 
  •  More than 15 million milk producers distributed milk to dairy cooperatives of 144,500 dairies across the country.
  • Amul has operations in more than 50 countries, and there are more than 7,200 exclusive salons in India alone. 
  • Amul was awarded the Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award “Best” in 1999, in recognition of its factory maintaining the highest level of quality. 
  •  Amul was certified as the longest advertising campaign by Guinness World Records.
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Success Factor

  1. Amul Girl –  Amul Girl is the advertising charm used by the company to promote its brand. The brand cleverly used cartoons in its longest-lasting advertising campaign, adding a touch of humor to its print ads. The content is very popular with people and promotes a better customer experience. This increases the brand’s souvenir value to Amul. concept.
  1. Innovation – Amul continues to innovate, whether it is new product launches, creative marketing activities, or fighting traditional social trends to seek the best. In the 1960s, Amul was the first brand in the world to use buffalo milk to produce skimmed milk powder. In addition, with its three-tier cooperative structure, Amul has transformed from traditional operations to a more profitable and efficient structure. The Amul brand won the CNN-IBN Innovation Award for a Better Future and the World Dairy Innovation Award in the year 2014.
  1. Powerful Brand – Amul follows the road of Branded House Architecture and promotes everything in it; they promote it under a common brand name: Amul. The focus is on promoting the parent brand rather than individual products, which helps them build brand awareness and reduce marketing and advertising costs.
  1. Efficient supply chain – Amul follows the three-level cooperative structure of the village-level dairy cooperative society, which is connected to the regional dairy cooperative, which is part of the state-level dairy association. A rural dairy product company acquired and processed in the regional dairy association and sold in the national dairy association. The scale of this model is that Amul was the first company to follow this model and was replicated across the country as part of the flood operation in the 1970s. This model ensures the efficiency and speed of operation. The Amula model makes India the largest milk producer in the world.
  1. Diversified product portfolio –  With a diversified product portfolio, Amul can meet the needs of all market segments. By providing benefits to target market segments, Amul has built strong brand relationships with its customers over the last years.
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To be honest, the secret of AMUL’s success is not unique and unknown hacking. The company is so successful; it thrives because it never affects the quality of the products they provide. 

 For more than years, AMUL has been providing new products for its brand at very reasonable and reasonable prices, allowing local buyers to directly obtain high-quality products.

Amul Brand is not selfish. It is committed to improving the conditions of farmers and improving social and economic conditions. This ensures that the company’s profits are also well distributed among its members. 

 So we can say that AMUL can achieve what every brand promises to provide in the real world. Unlike other brands, this shows that actions speak louder than words.

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FAQs – Amul Success Story

How did AMUL become successful?

Amul has constantly been innovating, be it launching new products, creative marketing campaigns, or challenging traditional societal trends to come up with better ones. As mentioned, Amul in the 1960s became the first brand in the world to make skimmed milk powder from buffalo milk.

What is AMUL famous for?

Amul spurred India’s White Revolution, which made the country the world’s largest producer of milk and milk products. Kaira District Milk Union Limited (later renamed to Amul – Anand Milk Union Limited) was founded in 1946 through the efforts of Tribhuvandas Patel.

What is the salary of the CEO of AMUL?

233% more than the average Senior Executive Salary in India. The average Amul Senior Executive salary in India is ₹ 13.3 Lakhs for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 14 years. Senior Executive salary at Amul ranges between ₹ 8 Lakhs to ₹ 15 Lakhs.

What is the future of AMUL?

Dairy major Amul expects to see an 8% growth in revenues in this financial year, driven by a surge in demand. “Our turnover in consumer products has increased 15-20% because people have consumed more of branded products”, said R S Sodhi, MD, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, which owns the Amul brand.

Who is the owner of Amul?

Shri Tribhuvandas Patel, the then Chairman of Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers Union (popularly known as Amul), with whom Kurien had developed a friendship requested him to stay on in Anand for some more time and help him put his co-operative society’s dairy equipment together.

Does Amul own cows?

Such dairy farms, considered ‘large’ by Amul standards and known as tables, number over 4,600. Of them, an estimated 4,000 have individual herd sizes of 10-25 cows or buffaloes, while 550 are in the 26-50 and 54 in the 51-75 animals range.

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