In recent years, the Government has brought up many schemes to empower women in both rural and urban parts of the country to start a business and contribute to the economic growth of India.

This financial support from the Government has given them confidence that they can also generate employment and can change the lives of many people.

Mainly in urban areas, women are educated, skilled, and have years of experience in the corporate world, which gives them varied options and they can pick up business as per their area of interest and expertise.

However, in rural and semi-urban areas, women have limited amenities, skill sets, and education levels that give them limited scope but there is a high demand for the limited skill sets.

Today in this blog, we will discuss the business ideas for rural and urban women.

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Business Ideas for Rural Women

Rural females can contribute towards the economy by indulging in simple businesses that do not require complex setup and machines. Some of the business ideas are as follows:

Making Incense Sticks

Popularly known as ‘Agarbatti’, incense stick is a part of every Indian household. It is lit during prayers and religious rituals performed by Indians. The demand for the different types with different fragrance is high and there is a strong market for it.

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The best part about this business is that it is very simple to make incense stick and females in the rural areas can try their hands in this business with fewer investments

Candle Making

India is a land of many festivals and it looks beautiful when the cities and villages are lit up with different color lights and candles. The usage of candles is very prominent during these festivals.

People beseech for different color, shape, size, fragrant candles and decorate their house with them during festivals like Dusshera, Diwali, and Christmas. Rural women can easily make candles through a simple process, hence can be started on a small scale, and can be done easily at the start with the existing work that they have been indulged in.

Making Achaar and Papad

Rural females are highly adept at making achaars and papads. And the cost of making the different flavored papad and achaars is very meager as there is no setup cost and the females can prepare it from their households.

Making Spices

Indian food is all about the concoction of different variety of spices that are popularly known as ‘Masalas’. The best spices come from the villages of India that have huge farms growing a variety of crops from which the spices are extracted.

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Majorly the females from a very young age learn the art of grinding the spices and making the paste for cooking purpose, hence their knowledge about spices are good, so they can easily grasp the art of making spices such as turmeric, chili, cumin, curry masala, meat masala, etc as the demand is very high among the end-users.

Business Ideas for Urban Women

Urban females are adept with a good education background, exposure, and confidence, hence they can move forward towards the vision of our prime minister, which is a self–reliant India. Few business ideas for urban women are below:

Acrylic Button Production

The garment industry is one of the most popular businesses whose contribution is immense to economic growth. The end consumers in India have evolved and have adopted western fashion and style and have started experimenting trying Indian attires that have the western touch.

The different colors and types of acrylic buttons complement well with the style of clothes. Since urban females have a good sense of style and exposure they can start acrylic button startup, as the clothes can be sold both domestic and can be also exported outside India

Artificial Jewelry

Stylish or unique jewelry are women’s best friends and this jewelry can be designed as per different clothes wore for different occasions. Women are creative beings and their visualization power can make them good jewelry designers.

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Customized Hair and Nail Styling

Trendy hairstyles and nail paints are very popular among young females as they have become more experimentative and vocal about their style statement

Bakery Products

Bakery items are liked by both youngsters and grown-ups and the demand for good quality savories is always there. All is needed is good knowledge about the bakery business, skill sets, and very low investment cost.


Educated females can make the most of their education and corporate experience in starting marketing or management consultancies. They can start as freelancers and as the clients keep in rolling they can give it the shape of agencies.

Wedding and Bridal Shop

It is most profitable during the wedding season, and also the income can be earned from the offseason as the destination wedding is also getting popular.

If the females have good business ideas, then there is no problem in getting finance from financial institutes and NBFCs.

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