Kirana store is a platform to cater to the varied needs of the customers. It has a catalogue and a variety of products which is required by different groups of consumers. Additionally, Kirana stores are mostly present at every corner of the street, which makes the competition very high.

So, in order to sell more and earn large profits, as a Kirana store owner you must have some Kirana store business plan which your competitors don’t have. It will help you have a competitive edge over the competitors.

In today’s post, we are going to share seven business mantras for the Kirana shop owner to increase profits by 20-30% instantly. Shop loan for business is also something which easily available from NBFCs in India.

Smart Business Tips & Tricks for Kirana Store in 2021

Take Your Kirana Store Online

Today, everyone is busy in their life. In their extremely busy schedule, they don’t get enough time to spend with their family. They don’t even get to spend quality time during the weekends with their families as they have to go shopping for household things.

To avoid such a scenario, most people these days have opted for online shopping. Even these days, NBFC offers small business loan for retailers without security. Kirana store businesses in India are an important link between manufacturers and traders and final consumers.

Moreover, a study found, that 170 million people in India are expected to shop online in 2021. That’s huge, isn’t it?

E-commerce in India Industry Overview Market Size Growth


You can find anything you want online, whether it is a truck, bike, or a needle. Everything available online, so should your Kirana store too. NBFCs in India, have simplified the entire loan availing process with the help of our technology-enabled platform. While it is also possible to get an instant business loan for your Kirana store.

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So, you can also think of taking your Kirana store online. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small Kirana shop or a have a retail chain, you should be online. The online Kirana store is not a new concept. Many store owners have already started selling their products online, and you can opt for the same as well. Moreover, opting for an online business loan to expand your business is made possible through our loan app as well, which is possible in a matter of minutes.

To aware to clients, you can promote your online Kirana store on social media, run paid Facebook campaigns, start a blog, etc.

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Open Store on Weekends

Some store owners have a fixed timing to open their store, say from 9 AM to 8 PM, even though they live nearby. You can open your Kirana shop at 8 AM and close it at 10 PM. Also, you can open the store on Sundays and the other holidays to get higher sales. It is evident that while other store owners would be busy sleeping or having fun, you are selling and making profits.

Also, since most of the customers tend to make most of their purchases on weekends as they only get the time from their busy schedule then only. You can increase the profit margin in grocery store India if your Kirana shop will open on weekends also.

Kirana Store Website

To go online, you can list your Kirana store on various online shopping websites like Amazon. You can register your shop there, and if anyone purchases the products available on your website, you can parcel the same to them.

In addition to listing your store online, you can also have your own website. This will allow your regular customers to shop with you from the comfort of their home. You can also allow them to buy from your store through a phone call.

On your website, you can make the best use of good and HD pictures. You can also use the SEO and online marketing tactics to get traffic on the website. Here, you need to understand that the prices of most of the vegetables and other items change daily. So you need to update them accordingly. Online business will help you buy inventory on credit and pay your suppliers once the products are sold.

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Spy Competition & Competitors

Before setting up a Kirana store, assessing the competition in the locality is very important. It is not always a good option to start the store in the near locality. Preparing the Kirana store business plan should ideally be the first step of yours before jumping directly to set up your business.

Also, it is not a bad idea of opening a Kirana shop at a location where there are already ten other competitors if there is still an opportunity of catering a large number of population. The only need here is to evaluate the opportunities.

For this, you can perform research and look for opportunities. You can also research your competitors and see what Kirana store business model they adopt.

Focus on Customer Engagement

Many shop owners would think that the best way for customer engagement is advertisement and marketing. However, if we talk about a Kirana store business, the way is to talk to every customer nicely, no matter if it is a kid, elder, or age.

A one-to-one conversation coming directly from the owner of the shop impacts more significant than Social Media or anything for that matter.

Also, consistency in communication should also be maintained- it builds brand image. In addition to this, you can also offer discounts on the products. Discounts are also one of the best ways to attract customers. In fact, it will also lead to the customers buying more products from you and you can increase your Kirana store business profit.

Understand Customer Preference

Understanding customer preference is very important when you want to learn how to do a Kirana business that is profitable. When customers come for some petty product, they generally do not care about the brand.

And are mostly like, any brand will do if asked. In situations like these, it is preferable that you know the customer preferences and sells the brand that the customer’s family generally buy.

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Upon feeling that you know all their likes and dislikes, the customer would have more trust in you and your store. And they will come again and again in your shop.

Improve Customer Service

A few other additional services, such as delivering products to the customer’s houses during breaks or at night would look a great effort on your part.

You can also ask the customers to return products as well if they find them defected. This gives a good impact.

All the above said business mantras would help you to increase your business and earn a 20-30% profit.

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Additionally, you can also apply for the business loan through our loan App where you can also upload your cash transactions to get a bigger amount of business loans. The app also sends you a reminder when the payment is due to the creditors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a shop loan for Kirana shop?

You need to apply for an MSME loan to start your own kirana shop. At the same time, it is important to avail business loans at the competitive interest rates to repay them at ease.

Is it hard to get a startup business loan?

It is difficult for a startup to avail a business loan from a commercial bank or lender for business. New businesses may find it difficult to get a loan from a bank or lender.

Do banks give loans to start a business?

If you’re a startup, availing a term loan  can be difficult. You will not have any track record to show the bank that you’re profitable and can make repayments easily. Banks and NBFCs are more likely to lend to a startup if they can see you have good credit history.

Which is the easiest loan to get?

Among the easiest business loan is to get a secured loan.