Well, if you are honest and always pay all your taxes on time, here’s a good news for you! The central government is planning to honour the taxpayers who pay their taxes on time, in order to encourage them. On Sunday, the officials said that such people will be given priority to use places, such as the airport, railway station, toll barriers, and national highway. And not just this, all the work related to the taxes of the regular taxpayers will be dealt with priority.

The official further said that there is also a proposal to congratulate the regular tax and income taxpayers by the government officials.

In a meeting with tax officials held last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked the department to give the honest taxpayers importance. A committee under the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) is working on it. The committee is engaged in preparing norms to encourage taxpayers to pay taxes on time. The committee with soon submit its report to the Central Government which then will be sent to the Prime Minister’s Office.

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Taxpayers will Get Relief
Immediate Refund

A cabinet note has been sent to enhance the capacity of Central Processing Centre of Income Tax Department in Bangalore. With its capacity and automation increased, the refund will be issued to regular taxpayers immediately.

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Airport & Railway Station

The facilities will be given by giving queue discounts on airports, railway stations, toll tax barriers, etc.

Such facilities will be available to taxpayers who are paying their taxes on time through a unique identification number or after giving their PAN number a specific status.