This is an anonymous quote. “Content Marketing is a long-term relationship, not a one night stand.” One must say that the person who has penned this quote has hit the nail on the head. Yes, content is the King as far as SEO is concerned. There is no better advertising strategy than having an excellent content marketing campaign in place.

What is content marketing?

To put it in very simple words, content marketing is the creation and sharing on online material that does not strictly qualify as being promotional, but at the same time arouses in the reader an eagerness to use the products and services.

Content marketing for small businesses:

Let us look at the content marketing meaning from the small business point of view. Content marketing is an art of making the customer want to buy from you instead of you selling him your product or services.content marketing

It is imperative for small businesses to be active on the internet. Statistics show that more than 95% of people search online for products and services. Remember, there are two categories of people who browse websites. One category belongs to those that look to buy online. The other category visits the internet and browses it for gaining knowledge. Hence, it becomes important for content marketing to cater to both these categories.

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Content marketing benefits for small businesses:

content marketing
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Content comprises of articles, blogs, videos, and social media posts. This does not cost much. Hence, it allows the small businesses to match the larger corporate companies and make their brand visible in the market. We shall list out the benefits of content marketing for small businesses for a better understanding.

  • Create brand awareness: Content does not promote any brand in particular, but it can certainly create awareness about the benefits of using the particular brand. Highlighting the advantages of the brand over that of the competitors is possible with content.
  • Compete on an even footing: Any kind of marketing requires a sizeable budget. Small businesses start at a disadvantage because of their shoe-string budgets. Content marketing for small businesses is the best bet available to them because of the low costs. This helps such businesses compete on an even footing.
  • Increase visibility: We have said that people visit websites to gain knowledge about products and services, not necessarily to buy them. Good content attracts more visitors to your website thereby increasing the website traffic and improving the brand visibility. A higher volume of traffic is good for ensuring a good rank on the search engine ranking pages.
  • Better engagement with clients: Social media marketing is one of the best content marketing strategies for small businesses. Sharing of quality blogs and videos can help you get more likes and shares on social media. This enhances the engagement rate as the reach of social media is beyond normal comprehension.
  • Better conversion of leads: Quality content marketing helps generate positive leads. The businesses can follow these leads with excellent customer service and ensure the conversion into business.
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Content marketing is advantageous for small business because of various factors. The prime advantage is definitely the low budget it entails. This is why it is referred to as the King of SEO.

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