The marketing trainee was once asked this question in an interview. “What would you do when you are desperate for an answer?” The trainee replied coolly, “I would search the second page of Google.” Believe it or not, he was hired instantly. What does this signify? Ranking on the first page of Google should be your business outreach strategy.

Business Outreach – The Concept

Who knows your business best? Of course, it is you. Hence, it is your prime duty to create and boost awareness of your business. This is the principal concept of business outreach.

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Business Outreach – The Objective

Statistics show that people seldom search beyond the first page of Google to find their answers. Under such circumstances, if your website is not on the first page of the search engine, it is literally of no use at all. Therefore, attaining the first-page rank is the main objective of business outreach. Let us look at some business outreach strategies that show how to target audience.

Business outreach – Strategies to adopt

In this online age, it is imperative that every business has an effective online presence. You need to follow the best business outreach strategies in order to be ahead of the competition.

  • Have an effective website: Having a website for your business is the principal requirement for online business. The customer has a very short attention span. The key is to grab his attention within this period and sustain it long enough to convert the lead into business. An effective website strategy is one that can attract the customer. You should also ensure to have a responsive website because people prefer to browse the internet using alternate devices like smartphones and tablets.
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  • Claim your Google My Business listing: The GMB listing is one of the best business outreach ideas when you look how to target customers You announce your presence on the internet in an effective manner. This improves your search engine visibility a great deal. This is an effective business outreach strategy especially when you wish to improve your local SEO. The advantage of having a GMB listing is that you can add your website, give directions on the Google map, incorporate your business timings, and add customer reviews. This is certainly a great way of boosting awareness of your business amongst your target audience.
  • Have an effective linking strategy: Content is the king as far as SEO is concerned. Any business outreach strategy should concentrate on having premium content. Have internal links on your FAQ pages that lead to your Products & Services pages. business outreachSimilarly, external links placed at strategic locations help your customers verify the genuineness of the content. At the same time, you should have a great backlinking strategy in place. This is one of the best ways to expand your business outreach and engage with customers.
  • Social media engagement: No one can undermine the contribution of social media in improving your business outreach. Today, literally every person is active on the social media. This is the best platform to engage your customers on a meaningful basis. Share the details of your products through social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, etc. These social media channels have a tremendous reach.
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Having a great business outreach is essential to attain the objective of a listing on the first page of Google. This proves the logic of the marketing trainee when he inferred that the second-page listing does not have any importance at all.

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