12% of the basic salary of the employee is deposited in his PF account and the same amount, i.e., 12% of the basic salary of the employee, is deposited every month from his employer as well.

Notably, the entire 12% of the employee’s salary is credited to the EPF (Employee Provident Fund). In comparison, only 3.67% of the 12% is contributed by the employer is deposited in the PF account. The remaining 8.33% is deposited in the Employee’s Pension Scheme-EPS. This money becomes a huge amount at the time of retirement.

Now, that the amount is deducted from the employee’s salary, he wants to know how much money is deposited in his EPF account till date. So, to help them, we have listed down two easy ways of checking PF balance with UAN number.

EPF is a continuously running account as a part of the employee’s salary is deposited into it every month. The best part of PF or Provident Fund, as said above, is that the same amount that is deducted from the employee’s salary towards the EPF account is also deposited in the PF account of the employee on the name of company/institution contribution.

What is UAN Number?

A twelve-digit number, UAN number is an identification number. It is assigned to the employer and is shared with the employee. It enables the employer to contribute to the EPF account easily, and the employee too can check his account balance quickly. Notably, the number is assigned by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation.

The employer has his own UAN number, and the employee has his own UAN number. Both the employer or organisation and employee have a constant UAN number throughout their years in business and employment years, respectively. The employee’s UAN number is not changed no matter how many employers he changes.

An employee is assigned a new Identification Number (ID) when he joins a new job, and his UAN number remains the same. So, basically, the account number remains the same throughout the employment years. His new ID is created under the account for his new jobs.

So, the employee can check his EPF balance through his UAN number. However, for that to work, he first needs to activate his UAN number.

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How to activate UAN Number?

To activate the UAN number, you first need to have the Universal Account Number (UAN) with you. You can easily get it from your salary slip, or you can ask your employer for the same. Now, follow the following steps to activate your UAN number on the EPFO portal:

  • Step 1: visit the homepage of the official EPFO portal.
  • Step 2: under the ‘Services’ section, click on ‘For Employees’.
  • Step 3: click on ‘Online Services/Member UAN’.
  • Step 4: enter the UAN, mobile number, and PF member ID.
  • Step 5: enter the captcha characters as shown in the screen.
  • Step 6: click on get authorisation pin.
  • Step 7: click on ‘I Agree’ and enter the pin received on your mobile number.
  • Step 8: the UAN will be activated, and the password will be sent on your number.

How to Check PF Account Balance with UAN Number?

Through a Missed Call

It is very easy to check EPF balance with UAN number through a missed call – it is as easy as just making a call. When you give a missed call on the said number, you receive a message with all the details that contain all your account-related information.

The message contains the account holder’s name, his PAN number, Aadhar number, and the money deposited and available in his account. However, this information is only available when the missed call is made through the mobile number registered with UAN portal.

Notably, the missed call number is 011-22901406.

Through the EPFO App

It is very easy to check PF balance online with UAN number through the App. EPFO has created a mobile App for the convenience of employees. The name of this App is the EPFO ​​Member. Through the mobile App, employees can know their PF account related details.

To download the EPFO ​​app, you need to search EPFO ​​Member on the Google Play Store or Apple Store. After downloading the App, enter your UAN number and mobile number after opening the PF account.

After opening the App, go to the Balance/Passbook section and get all the information related to your PF account. The EPFO ​​Member app has several advantages. Through the App, you can get information about your PF account whenever you want. Besides, you can also check your PF balance from your home or office or anywhere else in just a minute.

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