In today’s post, I’ll let you know how to check PF balance with the UAN number.

UAN number (Universal Account Number) is now important for the employee who is having an employee provident fund. UAN is important to check your EPF balance.

12% of the basic salary of the employee is deposited in his PF account and the same amount, i.e., 12% of the basic salary of the employee, is deposited every month from his employer as well.

Notably, the entire 12% of the employee’s salary is credited to the EPF (Employee Provident Fund). In comparison, only 3.67% of the 12% is contributed by the employer is deposited in the PF account. The remaining 8.33% is deposited in the Employee’s Pension Scheme-EPS. This money becomes a huge amount at the time of retirement.

Now, that the amount is deducted from the employee’s salary, he wants to know how much money is deposited in his EPF account to date. So, to help them, we have listed down two easy ways of checking PF balance with UAN number.

EPF is a continuously running account as a part of the employee’s salary is deposited into it every month. The best part of PF or Provident Fund, as said above, is that the same amount that is deducted from the employee’s salary towards the EPF account is also deposited in the PF account of the employee on the name of company/institution contribution.

Let’s get started:

What is UAN Number?

A twelve-digit number, UAN number is an identification number. It is assigned to the employer and is shared with the employee. It enables the employer to contribute to the EPF account easily, and the employee too can check his account balance quickly. Notably, the number is assigned by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation.

The employer has his own UAN number, and the employee has his own UAN number. Both the employer or organisation and employee have a constant UAN number throughout their years in business and employment years, respectively. The employee’s UAN number is not changed no matter how many employers he changes.

An employee is assigned a new Identification Number (ID) when he joins a new job, and his UAN number remains the same. So, basically, the account number remains the same throughout the employment years. His new ID is created under the account for his new jobs.

So, the employee can check his EPF balance through his UAN number. However, for that to work, he first needs to activate his UAN number.

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How to activate UAN Number?

To activate the UAN number, you first need to have the Universal Account Number (UAN) with you. You can easily get it from your salary slip, or you can ask your employer for the same. Now, follow the following steps to activate your UAN number on the EPFO portal:

  • Step 1: Visit the homepage of the official EPFO portal.
  • Step 2: Under the ‘Services’ section, click on ‘For Employees’.
  • Step 3: Click on ‘Online Services/Member UAN’.
  • Step 4: Enter the UAN, mobile number, and PF member ID.
  • Step 5: Enter the captcha characters as shown on the screen.
  • Step 6: Click on the get authorisation pin.
  • Step 7: Click on ‘I Agree’ and enter the pin received on your mobile number.
  • Step 8: the UAN will be activated, and the password will be sent to your number.

How to check EPF online?

EPFO Full Form is Employees Provident Fund Organization, and you can view the PF balance online on the EPFO website, apps, SMS, and even giving a missed call.

These are the steps to know your PF balance:

  • Step 1:- Go to the EPFO website: Users now can see the PF balance from different sites run by EPFO. To check the PF balance user need to link the PF account with UAN(Universal Account Number). Member passbook is available at
  • Step2:- Click on ‘For Employees’ under ‘Our Services’.
  • Step 3:- Click on ‘Member Passbook’ under ‘Services’ SMS: The user UAN number linked with EPFO you can get latest updates and PF balance by sending an SMS to 7738299899. The user needs to send this message EPFOHO UAN ENG. (ENG) English is the first three alphabets of the selected language. The facility is available in other languages. EPFO can only send details of members available with it. So, make sure your UAN is linked with your bank account, Aadhaar, and PAN. You may also ask your employer to do that for you.
  • Step 4:- By giving a missed call: People can give a missed call to 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number will fetch you the details. Make sure your UAN number linked to AADHAAR and PAN.
  • Step 5:- By using App: Download M-Sewa App from google play store and install it on your android phone. After download, the app clicks on Member’ and then on ‘Balance/Passbook. After that, enter your UAN and registered mobile number.

Simple process to follow and check EPF balance through UAN:

  • Start with your UAN activation.
  • You need to enter your mobile number as well as the UAN number.
  • Your PIN will be sent to your mobile, which you need to enter.
  • Your UAN credentials will be identified.
  • The user name will be your UAN number yours.
  • You proceed to create a password.
  • You are now registered on the UAN portal. You can now check your PF balance using the UAN number. You can also download your passbook and have other details through the app. However, we hope the website is working as sometimes it just does not view the PF balance.
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As mentioned earlier you can even use the toll-free number to check and view your EPF balance 1800-118-005. However, we do not know if the same would be provided and what information is actually provided, and if the toll-free number is working.

How to Merge Multiple EPF Accounts?

Following are the ways to merge multiple EPF accounts into one.

  • Step 1:-  Visit EPF India official website.
  • Step 2:- Click on One Employee-One EPF.
  • Step 3:- Enter the OTP which you receive on your registered number to Authenticate.
  • Step 4:- Now update your PF numbers. There you will have an option to update up to 10 EPF Numbers.

How to Check EPF balance using UAN?

Login to the EPF portal. Below there you can see activate your login. Click on “activate your login”. Thereafter you would receive a box to tick titled “I have understood the instructions”.

After this step, you have certain instructions that you need to fill in.

  • Enter the Universal Account Number or UAN.
  • Enter Your Mobile Number.
  • Select the state and the office.
  • Enter your company code provided by your employer.
  • Please type the characters shown in the box.

Thereafter you would receive the PIN on your mobile. You can thereafter enter a new password, while the login remains your UAN ID. You can download your UAN Card, updated PF Passbook, and can view the status of your PF Transfers. Once again sometimes you may not be able to check EPF through UAN, because the portal is down, so you can use the app as well.

What You Need To Know About The UAN?

  • Contact your employer to get the UAN number for your EPF account. Make sure you link your Aadhaar to your UAN.
  • A password is needed to view your balance using the UAN.
  • You can view and download your EPF passbook to know the exact balance.
  • You can add or edit your information through the EPF portal.
  • To complete your KYC you can use your Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License, etc.
  • You will get only one UAN number for a lifetime.
  • Your employers can access the portal to check certain details and UAN number.
  • You can now claim online for the fund transfer. Maximum in one week you can get your money in the employees provident fund.
  • You can also add or change the mobile and email IDs.
  • The passbook may not be updated till the very last month, so you need to take that into account as well. In fact, the passbook is not the best way to check your EPF balance and go for the latest balance.
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Benefits of UAN Number

Following are the benefits of having a UAN number:

  • UAN saves you a lot of time. Without UAN EPF transfers and withdrawals take lots of time.
  • You can now request an EPF transfer or withdrawal online using UAN. There is no need to contact your employer to forward claims regarding EPF transfer or withdrawal.
  • With UAN, you can check all the details of EPF accounts in one place.
  • You can subscribe to get monthly SMS alerts on PF deposits and balances.
  • Using UAN you can easily transfer the PF accumulation.

Documents Required for EPF KYC

Following are the documents EPF authorities need from you to complete your EPF KYC:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • And, other documents

Note:- Aadhar card must be linked to your UAN to check your EPF balance.

How to Check Your EPF with UAN?

To check your EPF balance through UAN, you need to submit the required details on the website. You can also know your PF balance through the EPF website to do that:

  • Step 1:- Download the passbook
  • Step 2:- Enter know your customer details
  • Step 3:- Check eligibility of online claims
  • Step 4:- List previous member IDS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my PF balance?

To check your EPF account balance on the EPFO portal, you must have an active Universal Account Number (UAN). To check your balance, you will have to visit and enter your UAN and password. The website allows you to view and download your EPF account statement.

How can I check my PF balance with UAN number?

The user UAN number linked with EPFO you can get latest updates and PF balance by sending an SMS to 7738299899. The user needs to send this message EPFOHO UAN ENG.

How can I generate UAN number?

1) Visit the official UAN portal and click on activate UAN
2) On the page shown, activate the UAN using your UAN, PAN, and Aadhar number.
3) Next, enter your details and your mobile number.
4) A verification pin will be sent on your number. Enter the same and click on Authorise and Activate.

How can I know my UAN number online?

Visit the official EPFO website and follow this link Our Services >> For Employees >> Member UAN/Online Service (OCS/OTCP) >> Know Your UAN (in ‘Important Links’ section) The Members are required to submit IDs or Aadhaar number or PAN number.

How can I check my UAN status?

Step 1: Go the UAN Portal Step 2: Click on the tab ‘Know your UAN Status‘.

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