Some amount of cash lent by a bank or NBFC to be put into a new or a current business arrangement is known as a business loan. It very well may be alluded to as an unsecured credit that can be utilized by you to meet the grave necessities of your developing business.

With the assistance of business loans, you can put some amount of cash in boosting your production, purchasing new tools, extending the range of your business, etc. 

But for taking business advances from banks for new business, the borrower should address the project report of his business. All the necessities and official documents must be submitted with the project report. The business loan documents should have minute details written on them and should give the whole idea of the business. Also, it should be easily understood by the reader. 

In this article, we will be discussing how a project report can be prepared to be ready to go further with a business loan application.

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How to Create Business Loan Project File

Introductory page

On this page the presentation of your new business is to be given which incorporates potential, need, probability, store required, and so forth. The aim of the business and on what reason you have picked this business, all these details ought to be referenced in this introductory part.

Outline of the project

It’s a preview of the entire course of action that you will be doing including the general status of the business. Time to be burned-through in working or building something should also be mentioned.

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Details of Promoters

The promoters are the mediators for the business which helps in the advancement of the business. Subtleties of the promoters or advertisers incorporate their educational qualification, experience, and key personnel. 

Machinery and Infrastructure Details

The infrastructure and machinery requirement of the project, alongside the expense and quantity, should likewise be referenced too and in detail. If you already have an infrastructure or machinery setup, mention those details too in the project report to acquire a business loan.

Details of Employees

The insights regarding the employees working in this business should be written, their educational qualifications should likewise be referenced. The work encounters and details about the top administration ought to likewise be included. 

Details about the target & prospective customers

Data about clients should be written well like, what are the varieties of clients you have focused on for selling your business products. The proposed client’s subtleties ought to likewise be referenced like if they are from a major corporation and furthermore what is their capacity to purchase products around here.

Means of Financing

The financing in the business should be possible by the financial organization or the collaborators or elsewhere. Thus, it is vital that from where the subsidizing is coming, so this all ought to be referenced in the report. 

Indicate the insights about the investment needed alongside the specifications. This is basically the expense of the project.

Regional Operations

Usually, an organization opens branches in various regions or districts. The branches might be set up broadly and internationally, according to the prerequisites. At the point when you make a project report, you need to expound on the diverse arrangement you made in what area and furthermore expound on the operation teams.

Profit and Loss Statements

How much the benefit will the organization make and how much benefit is making the business must be in the report whether the business is making any benefit or misfortune the assertions ought to be displayed to the bank and furthermore being mentioned in the report.

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Balance Sheets

Balance sheets tell about where the cash has been spent, additionally in what regions and fields the spending has been completed. Subsequently, all the records of the business will be found in these balance sheets.

It is necessary to show the monetary records of your organization to the bank and it ought to likewise be mentioned in the report. 

Financial Projections

Quantitative projection on Income, costs, sources of assets, and use of funds, everything should be mentioned in the business loan documents.

Ratio analysis

Analysis and investigation of budget statements through key proportions and their implication are required to be written in the project report for acquiring a business loan. 

Fund Flow Statement

The finance which is given by any corporate or government and where it is utilized and in what fields of business the fund is flowing ought to be referenced in the project report. 

Monetary Acquisitions and Tie-ups

You need to record it in the project report with whom you have done tie-ups or which stock or acquisitions you have taken and all subtleties of it ought to be referenced in the report. 


In this section, the conclusion of your whole project report in short paragraphs is written and it should not be more than two pages.

Who makes the project report?

Making a project report is an extremely difficult assignment for all entrepreneurs. A project report in a business loan application is a significant document that requires expertise in terms of educational qualification and experience of the individual making it.

Therefore, it is prepared by experts, for example, CAs, Ex-bankers, and other financial experts. 

Before you settle on a bank to apply to, you should look at some NFBCs. Make appropriate examinations regardless of what bank or organization you are applying to for a loan. Go with an arrangement and bank that suits your size of business and objectives. 

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In businesses that produce items, machinery finds a key part. The nature of the item relies upon the nature of the machine used to make it. However, these machines are pricey, and they can’t be managed just by the business visionary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a project report for a business loan?

Here is the process to make a business loan project file.

1) Background of the business
2) Customer’s profile
3) Long and short term Corporate Objectives
4) Market Analysis
5) Financial Assessment
6) Marketing Assessment
7) Operational Plan
8) Financial Plan

How do I create an MSME loan project?

Here is how to create an MSME loan project:
1) Introduction
2) Founders Complete Detail along with their experience
3) Techno Feasibility Report
4) SWOT Analysis of your products
5) Location of Project and facilities available
6) Manufacturing Process

What is a project report format?

A project report is a plan that you represent to banks, superiors to get funds or other benefits.

Who can apply for MSME?

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) registration or Udyog Aadhaar registration can be obtained by any type of business entity:
1) Proprietorships,
2) Partnership Firm,
3) Private Limited Company.
4) Public Limited Company,
5) Limited Liability Partnership,
6) Hindu Undivided Family,
7) Self Help Groups.
8) Society.

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