The importance of social media for the growth of small business in India cannot be denied. Various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. can be used for marketing and to get more customer reach. However, many small business owners in India are clueless about social media.

Facebook is the most commonly known social media platform in India. It helps small business in India in generating leads, reaching more audience, and in marketing. Facebook certainly is the most powerful marketing tool. And if you are looking to get some business and more audience, you must know how Facebook works and how it can be helpful for your business.

Read on to know 5 ways which can help you grow your small business in India:


small business in India

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Launching a contest on Facebook can be very beneficial in terms of it will attract a lot of people. However, this would only be successful for your business if you have a clear marketing strategy. Capturing the attention of the audience will help in reaching the target group and generating leads from them.

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You can develop a contest with the help of an application. And also announce rewards for the winners just to let them feel they will get something in return for participating in the contest. The only thing that you need to ensure is your compliance will Facebook’s promotional terms and conditions.

Paid Ads

small business in India

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The Ad Manager on Facebook can be successfully used to achieve various marketing objectives set by you. You can advertise on Facebook through sponsored stories or Facebook Ads. This will help you get the word about your business page. You can also customize the demography to reach the target audience.

Shoot outs are also ideal to get page and post engagements, click on the website, page likes, offer claims, conversions, and awareness.

High-quality Content

small business in India

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Facebook’s newsfeed is very competitive. Just like you, a lot of other brands including your competitors use Facebook for marketing. Therefore, you need to do something to stand out of the crowd in order to get noticed. So, if you want to market and grow your business on Facebook, you need to constantly create high quality content, add value, and create avenues to get engagement on the Facebook page.

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Another important factor here is consistency. You need to be consistent in posting on Facebook and come up with interesting topics. Create a content calendar for a month and talk about product updates, industry information, and post a link to your blog post. And on your website blog, leave a link of your Facebook page and tell people why they should like your Facebook page.

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You can also offer an incentive for people to join your Facebook community. So, you must invest in creating high-quality content and interesting posts that your audience will surely like. This certainly can be very beneficial for your small business in India.

Go Live

small business in India

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Facebook live is the best way to get noticed and grab attention. The reach of Facebook live is much more than an ordinary post on your page. You can reach the right audience for your product through live streaming. However, you can engage the audience only in real-time.

CONTENT IS KING! This is had nothing to do with the medium. So, you need to choose catchy titles followed by interesting lines that broadcast along with the posts. This will draw the attention of the viewers to your live Facebook session.

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Facebook Group

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Facebook also gives you the option to get in touch with the target audience. You can create a Facebook group and get qualified leads from there to your website. You need to set up a group that is centered towards your industry niche. After establishing the group, you can stay in touch with your target audience and promote your business through interesting offers.

Facebook strategies can certainly help your business to find new customers and clients. And if you use the above pointers to promote your business on Facebook on daily basis, you can reach a new market base and grow your small business in India.

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