The textile business has been booming all across the world. It has even gained excellent momentum in India in the recent past. This is mainly due to the increased monetary capabilities of consumers. Wholesale markets are a huge platform for textile business owners to test the market range and customers. It offers them a real experience of the business along with providing an instant profit. 

Ziploan is a trusted business finance company working in 6 cities in India. They are very quick in their loan to disburse and offer the perfect interest rate in the market. This aids small business owners to gain instant textile loans and advance in their field. 

Top 10 Best Wholesale Textile Market in India

The top 10 wholesale marketing in India for textile business are as follows:

Crawford Market (Mumbai) 

It is a very popular market located in Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station. The market is at a very comfortable distance for traveling purposes and thus, the transport of goods and other raw materials required for the business can be transferred at ease.

The architectural charm of Crawford market has added to its glory, making it a memorable tourist experience. Thus, textile stores in Crawford Market can gain more profit through international clients and sales.

Janpath Market (Delhi)

The Janpath Market in Connaught Place is a huge market constructed in the shape of a horseshoe. It is clustered with artistic emporiums and fashion boutiques, making it one of the prime fashion destinations in Delhi.

The Janpath Market is also a favorite spot among tourists mainly due to it being a one-stop destination for all essentials. Any textile business owner will find themselves in a profitable situation in Janpath Market.

Many online business loans for textile owners are available at an affordable range, enabling them to start a shop.

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Colaba Causeway (Mumbai)

Colaba Causeway is also famously known as Shahid Bhagat Market. It is an ancient market popular in Mumbai. The price range at Colaba Causeway is highly affordable, making it a perfect destination for everyday fashion lovers.

Textile business owners intending to begin a small size shop can also gain huge profit in Colaba Causeway.

Hazratganj Market (Lucknow)

Hazratganj Market is located in the heart of the city in Lucknow. It is in an accessible location from any part of the city. The market location is part of Indian history and has also undergone a huge range of restorations in the recent past to cater to the recent demands.

Hazratganj is open for any product and also draws customers from all societal ranges. This gives textile business owners in Hazratganj an opportunity to serve varied niches.

Johri Bazar (Jaipur)

Johri Bazar in Jaipur is very famous for its fashion items. They are very famous for their fine jewelry as the name suggests.

Johri Bazar caters to the demand for both men’s and women’s clothing making it a must-visit spot in the pink city.

Textile business owners can easily start their shop in Johri Bazar, as they can get huge profit in the industry.

Emporia Complex (Delhi)

Emporia Complex is located in Baba Kharak Singh Marg in Delhi and is open from 10 am to 9 pm. It is a major hub for the textile business as the complex is renowned for its fine shawls and other textile items.

Clothes from all across the country including Kashmir shawls, Tamil Nadu silk saree, Bengal cotton saree, etc can be found at an affordable rate in Emporia Complex in Delhi.

Even business owners desiring to expand their range can begin a stall in the emporia complex with affordable business loans. 

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Bapu Bazar (Jaipur)

Bapu Bazar in the pink city is very famous for its colorful textiles. Most of the clothing choices available in Bapu Bazar are under the category of handmade.

It is one of the best spots in Jaipur to get quality clothes at an affordable price range. Bapu Bazar is also known for its traditional clothes market where textile owners run their businesses for generations.  

Chandni Chowk (Delhi)

Chandni Chowk in Delhi has been popular since the Mughal period. It is also one of India’s most famous markets and is well known for its silver jewelry and rich choices of clothing.

Having a textile store opened in Chandni Chowk can be a huge boost for the business. Many financing firms offer MSME registration online portals.

This makes the process of applying for textile loans for small businesses a comfortable process.

Sarojini Market (Delhi)

Sarojini Nagar market is the epicenter of clothes in Delhi. It is the most desired location to shop reasonably priced products like bed covers, home decors, and fancy lamps among others.

The textile shops in Sarojini Nagar are famous for their latest models and brands. It is also popular among tourists mainly for its cleanliness.

0Hill Road (Mumbai)

The apparel choices in Hill Road are excellent. They are very vibrant and are famous for their ethnic wear. Hill Road is an arterial road and can be easily reached from all parts of the city.

Located in Bandra, Hill Road is also accessible for a lot of very fashion-conscious college students. Starting a text business in Hill Road will not just be a profitable move but is also a smart move as they will be in a position to understand the market’s range and can easily adapt themselves to the changing trends and latest demands.

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India is very famous for its shopping centers. The tourists’ attraction in India can also be credited to the wide range of fashionable accessories available in Indian markets.

Despite the growing technological advancement, wholesale markets are still in popular demand. To be part of the whole market in the textile business can be a demanding task for many businessmen.

This humongous task can still be achievable if backed with the right support.

Ziploan offers the best interest rate in the market for textile business owners to start their shop in wholesale markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a textile loan?

You can apply for a textile loan on Ziploan’s website or App.

How do I start a small scale textile business?

Here are the steps to start a small scale textile business:
1) Know the market
2) Research
3) Connect with vendors for textile printing and production
4) Find the fabric
5) Manage the cash flow
6) Location
7) Time Management
8) Transportation

Which textile business is most profitable?

The Indian clothing industry is considered a profitable and lucrative sector for new startups. India is the world’s second-largest producer of textiles and garments after China.

Is Textile a profitable business?

Textile Industry is said to be a low margin/profit business – apart from niche segments, most players complain of this trend.

How much does it cost to start a textile factory?

25 lakh; for a Small enterprise the investment needs to be between Rs. 25 lakhs and 5 crores; for a Medium-scale enterprise the investment should be in the range of Rs. 5 crore and Rs. 10 crores.

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