The marketing industry is growing at a good speed and SMEs can certainly take benefit of it. An SME finance can be availed to fund the marketing strategies and take full advantage of it. Here you will get to know how marketing, particularly mobile marketing, can help the SMEs in their growth.

Businessmen these days are understanding the importance of manufacturing good quality goods and services as well as telling the world about it—marketing them. With that, the marketing industry is not the same anymore and is changing for good. Many new ways of marketing have emerged. Today it goes beyond the print ad, hoarding, and newspaper ad.

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Much credit of the marketing evolution can be given to the advent of mobile technology. And with that, now mobile marketing can be effectively used to market the products and services manufactured. With a few tips and correctly utilized technology, mobile marketing can be beneficial for your SME in its growth.

Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

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According to a report, there would be around 337 million smartphone users in India by the end of 2018. Said this, another report suggests that people spend around 59% of their time on mobile phones approximately. Aren’t these figures enough to prove how effective mobile marketing can be for an SME?

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There is a need for SMEs to start concentrating on mobile marketing along with other ways of marketing. Let’s take a look at few tips which will help you improve your mobile marketing strategy for your Small and Medium Enterprise.

Text Marketing

To most people, text marketing may seem a form of spamming but it actually is a very useful business strategy. You can create opt-in campaigns where you would allow the customers to sign-in for mobile marketing for free and win rewards for joining the campaign. Text marketing can be effectively used to encourage the customers to take a specific action and in return, get rewards in terms of discount. The biggest benefit of mobile marketing is people are most likely open messages than emails.

This type of marketing can be beneficial for all types of SMEs, even including vegetable vendor. For an instance, vegetable vendor can take the mobile numbers of his daily customers and send them messages regarding the prices of the vegetables for the day and discounts he would be offering on them. Thus, this can attract the customers to buy vegetables only from him and not from the other vendors.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Having a website dedicated to your business is important in today’s world of competition. And a mobile-friendly website is cherry on the top! The point that needs to comprehend here is when someone recommends your product or service to a friend, he would do it by sending a message on mobile, WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger. They can send the links of your website through a message.

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Localize Your Content

content marketing

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Localizing your content means making it user-friendly and creating it on the basis of the region or locale you are catering to. The content can be on the website or of a text message. Focusing on what the people of your serving area need will bring your traffic and help you in local marketing. The important point here that the content needs to be marketed in a way that your target audience feels connected to it.

Offer Deals

Deals and discounts are an ideal option to attract customers. It makes them feel they are paying you less to you as compared to others. You can send offers and discounts via SMS, it will help bring the customers back to you. Additionally, customers are less likely to lose SMS coupons as compared to paper coupons.

Mobile Payment

Online shopping has grown significantly over the past few years. Nevertheless, it can be said that online payment or mobile payment has even surpassed its growth. So, a mobile payment gateway can help you more in the business’s growth.

Social Media

social media marketing

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If people spend about 59% of their time on mobile, then over 95% of it is on social media—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. You can share posts on social media that would help you connect with your audience. If they respond to your posts, it can make a meaningful conversation. However, you need to work on creating your brand and meaningful messages and posts.

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You can also choose to advertise your business with the help of the following methods:

  • App Based Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • In-game Marketing
  • QR Code Marketing

It is certain that mobile would only grow big in the coming time. And to stay ahead in this game, you need to match the pace with the changing trends. Mobiles are overtaking laptops and before your competitor overtakes you, start using mobile marketing of your business.

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SME Finance

Now that you know how effective mobile marketing can be for your SME, you can go ahead with it. You can also avail an SME funding to finance the marketing strategies. An SME finance can help you create a website, fund text marketing, hire a designer for social media posts, etc.

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