Are you looking for a simpler way to avail loan for your Business ? Here is ZipLoan to your immediate rescue. As ZipLoan requires minimal documents and uses technology to process unsecured business loan applications you can get the funds within 3 days of your application.
ZipLoan is an NBFC(registered with the Reserve Bank of India) that provides working capital loans of INR 1 – 5 Lac for a period of 1-2 years. Repayment on these loans is through EMIs, which get directly debited from the borrower’s bank account on a fixed date each month. ZipLoan values the relationship with its customers and allows prepayment of the loan without any penalty charges.
Applying for the loan with ZipLoan is as easy as browsing Internet on your laptop or smart-phone. Please follow the below process to apply for the loan at ZipLoan:

Get Instant Business Loan

1. Either visit the website or download the ZipLoan App on your Android smartphone. Sign up easily using your mobile number and filling up a few details. You can Sign up using your Facebook or Google Plus account as well.
An OTP will be sent to the respective mobile numbers. Enter the OTP on the next screen and click Verify. You are logged in.

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sign-up page

2. Now select your business entity type, whether it is the Sole Proprietorship, a Partnership, a company, or an LLP. Here is how it looks like:
Business Entity Type

3. For first time applicants, enter your relevant personal details such as complete name, e-mail id, PAN, Aadhaar, date of birth, Address, etc. Then click Save & Continue. On the next screen, you have to fill in your basic business details.

Save & Continue.

Personal Details Entry Form

4. Now comes the documents part. You have to upload the clearly scanned copies of the statements of your Income Tax Return of last two years. After upload is complete, click Submit ITR Statements.

Next, you have to upload your bank statements(pdf or scanned). You can also choose to link your net-banking account(ZipLoan never saves any details. It will only read your bank transactions from you net-banking account and that too only once)

Once done, click to submit your application. The whole process takes less than five minutes.

Submit application

5. As soon as you submit your business loan application, ZipLoan starts working on it to get it processed as quickly as possible. You would get your offer details usually within 1 day of your loan application.

With such a simple-to-follow procedure and the prompt response of ZipLoan, you never have to visit banks or financial agencies again and again. You can apply for a business loan from the comfort of your own place.

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For any general queries, please visit FAQs section, listed at the top of the ZipLoan website. You can learn about our happy customers on ZipLoan’s website and call our contact center at 90-1561-1561 for any specific questions.

You can keep track of your loan status using the ZipLoan App. You will able to see real-time updates, EMI due date, current balance, or connect with our team. You can also refer ZipLoan to your friends and win cash rewards. As your business and our relationship grow, your Credit Score at ZipLoan increases too, bringing you more privileges over the course of time.

So fret no more about the financial blues and let ZipLoan help you Grow your Business.