A machinery loan without security can be very beneficial for small business owners. Machinery and equipment is an essential part of a business since it determines the number of goods which can be produced and the cost of production of the goods.

It is crucial to produce and deliver the goods on time to keep the market segment in hand and survive in the market. Therefore, timely up-gradation and good maintenance of equipment and machinery are mandatory.

ZipLoan is dedicated to providing loan for machinery purchase without security to small businesses in India. Our machinery loan is an ideal product for small enterprises who want to increase their productivity and decrease their production cost.

Now let’s read about how to get a machinery loan for new business in India.

Availing Machinery Loans in India

Availing machinery loans in India is easy if you fulfil the eligibility criteria of the lender. There are several lenders who offer machinery loan with security. This means you will have to hypothecate security to avail machinery loans.

But ZipLoan offers a loan for machinery purchase without security. Our eligibility criteria are straightforward to meet, and we offer loans in minimal documentation. There are several other benefits as well that the business owners can enjoy.

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Check your Loan Eligibility

Visit the ZipLoan website to apply for machinery loan finance or equipment financing. You will get a call from our executive, and they will assist you with your queries and further loan application process. It’s as simple as just filling an online form in 5 minutes.

Further Loan Process

Once you further fill the loan application form, our executive will call you. Next, you need to accept the loan quote and provide additional details about the business and documents. We require minimal documents that you can upload on our website in the PDF form.

Once we receive the documents, we will start the further verification process.

Get the Loan Amount

After the completion of verification, ZipLoan provides machinery loans in just three days of signing the loan agreement. The loan amount is directly credited in the account registered with us, and so, there is no hassle of visiting the bank branch and depositing the cheque in the bank.

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