SEO can be a very serious topic. We shall have a small story to liven up the environment. At the same time, this major objective of this story is how to outrank your competition.

Two hunters were stranded deep inside the forest when they came face to face with a tiger. They had no option but to run. After a minute or so, one of the hunters stopped to tie his shoelaces. The other one remarked, “Why worry about your shoelaces? The tiger will get us anyway.” The former hunter replied, “Who is worried about the tiger? I know we cannot win the race against it. But, tying my shoelaces can help me overtake you and escape.”

This is what we refer to when we say, ‘outrank your competition

You are trying your best to achieve a high rank on Google. outrank your competitionBut, so are hundreds and thousands of other businesses in your niche. This blog will help you how to outrank your competitors on Google.

Have better content:

One of the best ways to outrank your competition is to be better than your competitors. Now, you know that content is the King as far as SEO is concerned. Therefore having stronger and better content than your competitors have can help you outrank your competition. You can dig deep into the subject and come up with engaging ideas. This will build up authority for your website making it more popular. Google places great emphasis on content while ranking websites on the search engine.

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Have a great linking strategy:

Having a great linking strategy is essential to outrank your competition. When we use the words linking strategy, we refer to inbound, outbound, as well as an effective backlinking strategy. Write good and informative blogs with links directing towards your website.

outrank your competition
Source: Expert Training Institute

It is better to have a tantalizing approach. Arouse the interest of the reader and lead him towards your website. This improves your inbound traffic. Similarly, seek quality backlinks from authority websites like .gov and .edu, etc. This can help you outrank your competition.

Choose your keywords with care – Try alternate niche keywords

Having alternate niche keywords can help you improve search engine optimisation. Consider you are into garment sale with blue denim jeans being your main product. The keyword, ‘denim jeans’ is a common one having a lot of competition.

outrank your competition
Source: Right Mix Marketing

An alternate set of keywords like ‘sky blue denim jeans’ or ‘dark blue denim jeans’ can give you the competitive edge and outrank your competition.

Focus on local SEO:

Understand that local SEO and global SEO are two different aspects altogether. Going local can reduce the competition a great deal. This can help you outrank your competition and end up with a better search engine ranking. In order to do so, you should ensure to maintain consistency of your NAP information on all directories. This includes your niche directories and third-party review websites.

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Concentrate on going mobile to outrank your competition:

A majority of customers search for the internet on their mobiles. Having a dedicated mobile website or mobile app can help you outrank your competition by being easily accessible to your customers. Google places emphasis on websites having a strong mobile presence.

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You have seen five different ways how to outrank your competition. The key is to be different from the others. This makes you stand out from the crowd comfortably and outrank your competition.

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