Imagine a salesman who has been assigned to sell credit cards. He wanders around the city in front of cinemas, markets and stadiums trying to convince people to purchase credit cards. Over time he realizes that standing in front of offices greatly increased his sales. It so happened that people who had jobs were most likely to purchase credit cards. The salesman identified the customer persona that would yield him higher sales.

What is Customer Persona?

The importance of customer persona can be highlighted with this principle. The first question one should think about while marketing a product is “Who are you marketing to?” Your customer persona involves the creation of a customer profile. This can be done by analyzing the common factors amongst a particular set of people that compel them to purchase your product.
One has to imagine the perfect customer for its product. For example, a Fitness Shake maker would identify a customer persona as a gym going man between the age of 21-40. The ‘customer persona’ constitutes the core group of people whose issue you can solve cheaply and better than anyone else. They will be the target audience and all marketing activities should be carried out keeping them in mind.

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customer persona
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Customer Persona Template

A customer persona template can be designed after interviewing multiple customers and finding the commonalities amongst them. Product design and marketing campaigns would be hinged on the customer persona.
The following factors are crucial for the creation of a customer profile:
1. Age
2. Marital Status
3. Number of Kids
4. Gender
5. Household Income
6. Educational Background
7. Field of Work
8. Position held in Company
9. Recreation Activities Enjoyed

Customer Persona Examples:

Have a look at two sample customer personality types:
customer persona

A Financial Services company can glean the following insights from the above customer data set:

1. Both Rakesh Singh and Rohit Tiwari are married and would require a home loan soon to purchase a house for their families.
2.Rohit Tiwari could be an ideal candidate for a two wheeler loan, due to his preference for bike rides.
3. Rakesh Singh would be an ideal candidate for a credit card since he enjoys shopping and going to restaurants.

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Thus, a customer persona template greatly simplifies the work of a company which is looking to run targeted campaigns for its products. Empathizing with the needs of a customer allows one to come up with a customer-centric approach. It is necessary to conduct multiple interviews with customers to devise a successful product design and marketing strategy.

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