One of the most sought after and profitable business is the leather business. Leather goods are in great demand worldwide. They are sought after for the style factor and are often seen been carried by the affluent section of the society.

However, with the efficient usage of manufacturing techniques and the presence of state of the art machinery, leather goods have found their way into the homes of the rising middle class too. The aura around leather had been broken and it could now be afforded by a larger section of society.  

For budding businessmen who wish to invest in the leather business, here are business ideas for leather goods and manufacturers. 

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Top Business Ideas for Leather Goods and Manufacturers

Foot Ware 

Foot ware is one of the most profitable businesses within the leather industry. There is a burgeoning women’s leather foot ware subdomain that industry leaders and smaller businessmen have started to take note of.  

Leather Accessories 

This is another highly profitable business that needs to be targeted by the business. Carrying a leather bag or a purse is considered to be stylish and this has led to a proliferation of companies vying for an ever-expanding market. 

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Leather Export 

India is one of the largest exporters of leather in the world. It exports the raw material needed by the manufacturers to build their products. There is a huge variety of leather that is required to fulfil the demands of the builders. One can always tie-up with leather goods manufacturers, who would source the raw material and then turn them into export quality finished products. 

Leather Furniture 

This is another area which is dominating the leather business. Leather furniture exude elegance and style and are usually purchased by the high net income. However, with the decrease in the manufacturing cost, it has gradually become affordable to most. 

Leather Crafts 

Leather crafts have been around for quite some time. It is only now that they have become a rage. Leather crafts have a niche audience and the business can be set using a small start-up capital. There are Business loans and MSME loans that assist applicants to realise their dream of setting up a leather crafts manufacturing unit. 

Leather Garments 

Who wouldn’t want to own a leather jacket? It is one of the foremost fashion statements one can make. Over the years, leather has made a name for itself as a durable fabric in the fashion industry and is liked by both men and women and of all ages.  

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Leather gloves and mittens too have slowly taken a respectable percentage of the gloves and mitten market. While wool and cotton still rule, leather gloves and mittens does have its patrons. 

Tanning Factory 

One does not have to be a manufacturer in the leather industry to make it big. Owning a tanning factory is also a profitable venture. MSME loans and machinery loans are available to set up the same. 


The product that sells the largest is the ubiquitous leather watchband. Almost every watch has it. It is not only sturdy but also enhances the style of the device. Leather watch band makes is a B2B process and is quite profitable. 


This is a new addition to the leather finished product industry. Leather aprons are not just efficient but are immensely stylish too. The material used here is chrome tanned split leather because they are cheaper and sturdy. 

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How to Start a Leather Goods Manufacturing Business? 

Like every other business, the leather industry has its set of challenges. One has to weather the usual business uncertainties and increased competition. Then there is the case of fluctuating prices and disruption of supplies. However, it is pertinent to stick to the process: 

Deciding on the business loan 

This is important for those who would need a business loan or an MSME loan to start the business. These may also come in the form of unsecured loans, though the interest rates will be high. Once it has been decided which scheme to for, prepare for stage two. 

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Getting business documents in place 

A good credit score and proper business loan documents go a long way in helping the applicant get the loan. Without them, most financial institutions will reject the application no matter how good the business plan may be. 

Acquire know-how 

One must not enter any business without the requisite basic knowledge of how things run. The leather industry is specialised and would require in-depth knowledge. A lot of machinery is required to churn out leather goods by the dozen.

These machines require constant monitoring and maintenance. They also undergo a periodic overhaul and in the case of breakdowns, a complete makeover. One can avail machinery loans to tide over the challenges arising from the issues about the machines. 

Lastly, the leather industry, despite being a competitive one is highly rewarding. It not only allows the leather manufacturer to explore newer designs but also have a handsome margin alongside.  

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