A TIN number is required by the taxpaying business enterprises to track their transactions. All the business entities which are registered under VAT for trade would require a TIN number. In this blog, we shall discuss what is meant by tin no, why it is required, and how to apply for it.

What is a TIN Number in India?

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The TIN number full form is Tax Identification Number. The state government has levied VAT or sales tax on the sale of goods and services. For this, a TIN number is required. TIN is same as PAN or Permanent Account Number. The only difference is PAN is required by individual taxpayers and TIN is required by business enterprises.

The main motive for the TIN number is to provide all the tax-related information of the businesses who are operating in different cities and carry our inter-state and intra-state transactions at one place.

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TIN is assigned by the Income Tax Department and it is used to monitor transactions. A TIN number consists of 11 characters. The last two characters imply the state of the applicant – they are the GST state code. You can find your GST state code here.

Why is the TIN Number required?

TIN Number required

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A Tax Identification Number or TIN is assigned by the state government to the businesses. A TIN is required both for the sales and purchase of the goods and services within a state or intra-state. TIN registration is mandatory for the enterprises registering for VAT, such as manufacturers, exporters, dealers, and traders of goods and services.

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What are the documents required to apply for TIN?

documents required to apply for TIN?

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The documents required for TIN registration differ from one state to another since it is furnished by the state government. The following is the generic list of required documents:

  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Business address proof
  • PAN card of the proprietor plus 4-6 photographs (passport size)
  • Reference

The above list is subject to modification depending on the state in which TIN is applied.

How do you apply for a TIN Number?

how to apply for tin number

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The answer to how to get TIN number in India is very simple. The registration can be done both online and offline. The process is very simple for the applicants. The Commercial Tax Department in the state issues the TIN to the registering business.

You can apply for TIN online, here. Else you can also obtain the form from TIN-FCs and PAN centers. The TIN registration fee is INR 55 plus applicable taxes. The TIN registration process normally takes 15 days for processing.

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