There are several tile manufacturers in India. The tile manufacturers have gradually developed their business with the help of digital printing machines. However, still, a lot has to be done on the quality part. That said, there are several issues that most tile buyers face while purchasing them. Let’s take a look at the most common 3 issues by customers so the tile manufacturers can improve on that with the help of technologically advanced machinery and equipment.

Size Issues

Tile Manufacturers

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Some customers are very particular about the sizes of the tiles, be it diagonal or rectangular. And this problem is certainly very important as if the tile isn’t diagonally or rectangular perfect, it will be very difficult to install them on the surface. Also, in case the size of the tiles varies very much in one single batch, it will be difficult to match their joints. The main reason for this is the improper rectification (sizing process) that lead to size issues.

Scratches in Tiles

Tile Manufacturers

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This is the most important and critical problem. Scratches on the tile are very common for polished and glossy tiles. The surface of both the tiles is very prone to scratches. The main reason behind this is that the tiles slide onto each other at the time manufacturing. Also, the tiles get scratches because during packing into boxes.

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There are many solutions available in the market that can be applied on the sides of the tiles to prevent them from scratches. These solutions provide a smooth surface to the tiles to easily glide over each other. The other option can be to use automation. There is certain machinery available in the market which lifts the tiles from the center and put at another place. This is an expensive solution whereas applying solution is an expensive one.

Bending of Tiles

Tile Manufacturers

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The other most common problem is bending of tiles. If technically spoken, it is called planarity issue and warpage. The reason behind this is the improper temperature in the kiln during the firing process. This can also happen because of improper pressure by the press machine. The best solution for this is to check the temperature randomly by holding tiles in front of the eye and observe bending. However, this method is not full proof as a person cannot practically check all tiles.

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