What is E –Nomination for Provident Fund?

The employees must ensure the proper nomination of his/her employee provident fund so that the family members who are the nominees, do not have to make frequent visits to the Government offices to receive the provident fund claims.

The whole E-Nomination process on the EPFO portal takes only just 15 mins, unlike the initial process which used to take much more time.

Why is it necessary to file an E – nomination of Employee’s Provident fund?

E- Nomination by PF holder helps him/her to file for online pension claims. It had become easier for the nominees as they can easily file an online composite claim in the event of the demise of the EPFO holder if the E – nomination has been done before. E-nomination also supports in the actuarial valuation of the pension fund.

What are the requirements before filing E – nomination of Employee’s Provident Fund?

  • The EPFO holder should get the UAN number activated on the EPFO portal if not yet done
  • UAN number should be linked with the Aadhar card which should be linked to the number on which the OTP will come
  • Other requirements are Aadhar number, address, date of birth, bank account details, mobile number and scanned copies of photographs of all nominees as per the E – nomination rules.

How to file e – nomination in EPFO portal?

  • PF Account holder has to go to the EPFO portal and log in by entering UAN number, password & captcha.
  • Next, he/she has to go to the ‘View tab’ & click on ‘Profile button’ to upload his/her photograph if not uploaded already
  • The profile page will have details like UAN, Name, Date of Birth, gender, etc. He has to provide his ‘Permanent Address’ details in the relevant field and click on the ’Save’ button.
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  • Once the employee is done with uploading his/her photo under the profile section, he/she can go back to the ‘Manage Option’
  • Now, on the manage option, he/she has to click the ‘E-NOMINATION LINK as shown on the above picture, where he can click on ‘Enter new Nomination’
    • Here he/she will be asked ‘Whether he/she has a family’. In case, he chooses, ‘YES’ in the ‘HAVE FAMILY’? Tab, then the site will ask for family details and the scanned photographs of the family members. He/she can add all the family members by clicking ‘Add new button’. After the employee gives all the details then he/she has to click on the link ‘Save family details’
    • If the input chosen in the ‘HAVE FAMILY’ tab is ‘NO’ the system will directly prompt to PF nomination details (no family members as beneficiaries/nominees) – He/she has to enter the details for the EPF nomination and upload scanned photographs of all the nominees. He/she can add many persons by clicking the button ‘Add rows’. After completion of all the details, he/she has to click ‘Save EPF Details’. Then the system
  • After the completion of EPF nomination, the system will prompt for EPS nomination in case of (wife/son/daughter) is not available.
  • Once the EPF nomination details are saved successfully, he/she can scroll to ‘Pending Nomination’ and click on ‘E-sign’ option. For Aadhar based e-sign, virtual ID is mandatory. He/she can generate a virtual id for his/her Aadhar by visiting UIDAI official website.
  • After E – signing, his/her E – Nomination gets registered with the EPFO. There is no need to send any physical document his employer or ex-employer.
  • After doing Aadhar based e-signature, he/she need to download a PDF copy of nomination form No. 2 and save the file as ‘Employee Code, Name of member’. Every member needs to share a PDF copy of the form to his/her HR department.
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What is the EPF nomination rules?

The employee should keep in mind certain rules when filing the EPF nomination which are:

  • The nominee should be there for every EPF account so that the fund can be transferred in case of premature death
  • There can be multiple nominees and the EPF holder can also fix the proportion of fund for each nominee. After the death of the holder, the amount is paid, based on the stated proportion. 
  • If the EPF holder has the family member, and if he nominates some external person & not someone from the family, then the nomination gets invalid.
  • In case the EPF holder nominates a minor then the minor should have a guardian who is a family member
  • In case the EPF holder fails to register a nominee, then the maturity amount gets equally distributed among the family members which is subject to certain terms & conditions.

How to change the EPF nomination?

Initially, the changing of EPF nomination was done through Form 2, which would be sent by the employer to EPFO, but now it has been modified for the beneficiary sake of simplicity. Now, the nomination can be changed online by logging in to the UAN portal and using the UAN ID and Password one can change the nomination by clicking on the ‘Edit Nomination Details’ tab. 

What are the steps to change EPF nomination online?

  1. The employee has to log in at the UAN portal by using the UAN (Universal Account Number) and password through the link http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in
  2. For accessing the Nomination form he/she should go under the ‘Profile tab’ click the ‘Edit Nomination Details’ option. Upon clicking the E-Nomination option, the employee will be able to view all the details related to his EPF account. In case, there is no nomination, then he/she needs to register his/her EPF nomination as early as possible.
  3. On the page, he/she will notice both the editable and non-editable data that is already auto-populated from the database. The non-editable data are UAN, member ID, establishment ID, Name, date of birth, Father/Spouse name, and relationship, date of joining, marital status & gender. The editable data on the page is the present address and permanent address that can be updated by clicking on Update.
  4. On clicking update, a screen will appear that has a family details section that can be edited. Here the employee has to submit the KYC details of all the family members with the family details. When the details of all the family members are entered then he/she should click on the submit button.
  5. Upon clicking the submit button of the family member details section, the data gets saved and auto-populated under the Part A EPF section.
  6. After filling all the needed details, click on Submit to save the nomination declaration. The hard copy of the form can be submitted to the employer if required.
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So, now it has become easier for the employees to register a nominee for their provident fund account and do not have to run errands and has to knock various doors to file for the nomination. If the nomination is being done smartly, then the family members get the much-required financial support after the demise of the EPF holder.