Business loans can be of great help to the business owners looking for additional sources of money. It can be of two types- short-term loans and long-term loans. Every business has different needs, and it can avail the type of loan as per the requirements. It is just that the adequate funds should be available at his disposal at the time of need.

A business owner may require money just for the off-season, and thus, for a short period. So, short-term loans can be of great help to him. Finding the right business loan is not an easy task. However, it is essential. The business owner needs to invest some time in finding the best business loans available in the market. With different options to choose from, the business owner can easily make a sound choice but only after considering all the factors.

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What are Short-term Loans?

A short-term loan is a kind of credit facility offered by the new-age FinTech companies in India. This loan is availed for a short period. This type of loan from FinTech companies is usually unsecured loans. These loans can assist the business owner in filling the gap for the monetary crisis for the short term.

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The short-term loans are generally helpful for start-ups and SMEs as it is generally difficult to avail credit from the traditional lenders. The NBFC don’t follow a cumbersome process while processing loans. Additionally, short-term loans can be used for different purposes, such as for business expansion, working capital, hiring new employees, etc.

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Let’s take a look at the benefits of short-term business loans:


The documents required for short-term business loans are very few. The lenders require just a few necessary documents which are enough to get approval for the loan. Additionally, minimal documents speed-up the entire loan processing.


The processing of small business loans is very smoother than traditional business loans. Unlike the tedious process of conventional loans, most steps of the loan processing happen online, which saves time and effort. And once the loan for business is approved, it takes just a few days to get the amount disbursed.

Quick Funding

The loan lenders take just a few days in approval. If the business owner is in an urgent need of funds, then a small business loan would be the best and fast option. Because of the online processing and minimal documentation, FinTech Companies can disburse the loans faster.

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Getting approval on loan for business is much easier than the traditional loans. Generally, traditional loans come with stringent loan eligibility, which is quite difficult for new businesses to meet. The NBFCs’ business loan eligibility is straightforward to meet, and one can easily qualify for small business loans.

Why Short-term Business Loans Are Right For Your Business?

Availing short-term business loans can be very advantageous for small business owners. They many times help a small business in surviving hard times. It is just that the business owner needs to make an informed decision by considering all the factors relating to the loan.