It is not practically possible to control all factors that go into the business loan interest rate. However, some elements can be controlled to reduce the overall credit risk for the lenders. And this would eventually help you get the lowest rates of interest on business loans.

Let’s now take a look at the factors which will help you get the lowest business loan interest rate.

Improve Personal & Business Credit

Most lenders consider your personal as well as business credit history. It is because the lenders want to ascertain that you would be able to repay the loan. Notably, you would still have to have a good credit score even if you are availing a secured loan. So, you can start checking your credit reports of personal and business activities. You can search for areas where you can improve and work to address them. A few examples of this include paying bills and credit cards on time, avoiding unnecessary debts, etc.

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Loan Fees

Well, loan fees and interest rates are two different aspects of a loan. While most borrowers consider the interest rate, the fees are a part of the overall cost of the loan – APR (Annual Percentage Rate). The fees include originating fees, application fees, processing fees, file charges, service fees, prepayment charges, etc. All lenders charge different fees; you can compare what different lenders charge and opt for the best option.

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Unsecured Business Loans

There are two types of loans available in the market- secured and unsecured business loans. Both types of loans come with different rates of interest. However, with a secured loan, you have to provide security. With an unsecured business loan, there is no need to pledge security. It can also be an essential point to consider while zeroing in on a business loan.

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Avoid High Interest Rate Options

Some business financing, such as invoice factoring and merchant cash advances are high interest rate options. The lenders charge high rates regardless of how solid your CIBIL history and financials are. These financing options are not the last ones. You can look for other options available in the market to minimize the business loan interest rate.

Apply for Working Capital Loan

The average business loan interest rate varies depending on the type of lender you are availing the loan from. However, the interest rate that you get can be up or below the average, based on your CIBIL score and creditworthiness. How your business is doing in the market also affects the loan rate of interest.

Also, one point that is worth mentioning here is that the interest rate is not the only parameter that must be considered. You also need to consider eligibility criteria, document requirement, and several other factors while availing a loan for business.

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