It is more than 6 months, but the lockdown is continuing in many parts of India. These 6 months were no less than a thunderclap as everything was closed during lockdown which has directly impacted the income of the traders.

The income of a large number of businessmen has come down or it has been stopped. However, now when the process of unlocking is slowly starting, the traders have opened up their business leading to some generation of their incomes.

People have started coming out now but the havoc created by Corona is not yet finished. In such a situation, people are going out, but there is a doubt in their mind about their safety.

If you are a businessman, then it is important to know that this difficult time can prove to be profitable for you. If you already have a business, then with the same business you can make a profit by selling some more products.

Now your question may be that which product can benefit during lockdown and unlocking period? So in this article, you will get to know about the business of those products which can be done with your old business to earn a profit.

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Virus Killer Mask Business

In today’s time, wearing a mask has become mandatory. In such a situation, the sales of masks have increased a lot but still, the mask has not come in the market to protect against viruses. So it’s time to sell masks that protect against viruses.

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Now your question may be where will you get a virus killing mask so that you will be able to sell that mask. To enlighten you we should inform you that such a mask has been created by a company called “Wirestatic” from London, which eliminates the virus.

The company claims that the mask that they have made has an antiviral coating that prevents the virus from entering the mouth and eliminates the virus by 96%.

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IIT Kanpur Has Made Masks to Protect Against Odor

To tackle the coronavirus, IIT alumni have created a mask that can kill their halitosis. The students of IIT Kanpur have designed a J mask that is a super activated N-95 mask with a layer of carbon and

nanoparticles which is based on five layers of secure, odorless technology. This mask is very effective in avoiding the coronavirus. The demand for this mask will increase in the coming days. In this context, trading this mask will prove to be a very profitable deal.

Corona Oven’s Business

The Prime Minister of our country, Shri Narendra Modi had said during the Corona period that the pandemic disaster should be turned into an opportunity. Following this, one of the start-ups in Bengaluru has created an oven product called Corona Oven. The company that makes Corona Oven is named ‘9 Materials’.

9 Materials Company claims that the Corona Oven made by it can kill bacteria and viruses present on various surfaces of the house. The company claims that Corona oven uses Ultraviolet C-Lite to kill bacteria and viruses present on various surfaces of the house.

If you talk about the design of this Corona Oven, according to the information given on the company’s website, its design is like a chamber, in which the goods can also be sanitized. Another communication from the 9 Materials Company states that the virus in this Corona Oven can end in 10 minutes.

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The Business of Producing or Selling Hygiene Hooks

Everyone knows that the coronavirus is spread by touch. Due to this, people also shy away from touching the lift button of the building, etc. In such a situation, if there is any equipment that can press the lift button, then people will take that product in hand.

Let me tell you that such a device has been prepared. The DDB Company of London has made the hook to open the door without engaging with bare hands. This hook is so small that it can fit very easily between the keys.

The company claims that the device is also made by experts at Stanford University. The company says that such materials have been used in making this device, on which the virus cannot last long.

Anti-Bacterial Fabric Business

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Israel’s start-up Sonovia has proved this exact saying. Start-up Sonovia has created a fabric that is effective in protecting against bacteria and viruses. In Israel, this cloth is being used to make masks of doctors and health workers. This fabric can be exported and sold in India.

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Corona Shield Service for Car

Turning disaster into an opportunity, a Corona Shield service has been established by a Gurugram based start-up called Droom. This service is to make vehicles Coronavirus free. Corona Shield Service has such anti-microbial coating on the vehicles and inside the vehicles so that the bacteria, algae, virus, etc. do not survive inside and on the surface of the vehicle.

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Droom, a provider of shield services, says that microbe shield technology is used in our service, which allows the vehicle to be sanitized, and as a result microorganism stops growing.

The company claims that once this treatment is done, its effect can last up to 4 months. It is interesting to know that this start-up has started with the pilot testing done on police vehicles in Gurugram at the moment. If you also want, you can start the service center of this company with your existing business.

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