There are many people who inspire us with their story. One such man is Mahesh Gupta. In this blog, we have discussed about the struggle and success story of Mahesh Gupta, founder of Kent – the biggest water purifier company in India.

What is Kent?

Founded in 1999, Kent RO Systems Ltd. is a well-being and healthcare product company headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The company manufactures the best water purifiers in India using Reverse Osmosis technology.

The company was launched back in the time when the water filters were not very common, or say, they hardly existed. With one brilliant idea (RO water purifier), Mahesh Gupta entered the market and revolutionized it.

From Where did Mahesh Gupta Get the Idea?

Mahesh Gupta

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Mahesh Gupta’s children once had jaundice and that is when he realized that water is the main culprit for a number of diseases. He understood the need for safe and purified drinking water and started researching on it. He found out that UV water purifiers were widely available in the market. But UV water purifiers were unsuccessful in removing particles dissolved in drinking water.

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How he Designed RO Water Purifiers?

Reverse osmosis

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After extensive research in the field of water purifiers, he decided to design his own water filtration system with Reverse Osmosis technology, since it could remove particles as well. Mahesh Gupta imported a few components for RO water purifiers, such as pump and membrane, and designed a water filter system for his own house.

It took Mahesh Gupta around 3 months to design the water filter but the result was worth the time. Later, it struck him that what is good for him would be good for everyone. So, the idea of RO water purifiers was born.

Mahesh Gupta’s Early Days

Mahesh Gupta is an IIT batch 1975 graduate. After graduation, he joined Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun and joined Indian Oil Corporation as an engineer in 1977. He worked on the conservation of fuel.

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How he turned a Businessman?

By 1988, Gupta had figured out that he wanted to business. He started a company, SS Engineering, which worked towards conservation of oil. He invested INR 20,000 from his own personal savings and started the business from his backyard.

His second business, as discussed, was more by accident. After designing RO water purifier, he decided to design best water purifier for home. During that time, gravity water purifiers cost as less as just INR 4,000 but Gupta’s water filter system came for about INR 20,000.

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Mahesh says that people even called him crazy for selling water purifiers at such a high cost.

Nonetheless, there were some people who bought his RO water purifiers and he got positive reviews from them. Having said that, he could sell only two units in the first month. The company did a business of hardly few lakhs in the first year.

How Marketing helped him in Business?

Hema Malini

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In 2006, Mahesh Gupta realized the importance of advertising and marketing. Mahesh Gupta zeroed in on Hema Malini since she was a well-known celebrity. The marketing campaign worked really well and they expanded to other metros. Mahesh Gupta says, “we clocked revenues of INR 30 crores that year and the entire country started to know Kent as a brand.”

Kent – Today

Today, there are a number of Kent products in the market, from a rice cooker and egg boiler to air purifiers and vacuum cleaners, which are doing well. The company also exports products to Nepal, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. The company has been growing at a rate of 15% and would have a turnover of around INR 850 Crores this year.

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Source: Economic Times