ITR V or Income Tax Return Verification is an acknowledgment that must be submitted to the Income Tax department after e-filing income tax. In this blog, we shall discuss what ITR V is, how to download it, and submit it to the Income Tax Department.

What is Meant by ITR-V?

What is ITR V

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ITR V means Income Tax Return verification. ITR V is a one-page document which is received after Income Tax e-filing. It is received when ITR is filed without a digital signature. ITR V is sent by the Income Tax Department to the taxpayer upon e-filing income tax. And it has to again be submitted to the IT Department by the taxpayer.

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The ITR V is sent to verify the authenticity of the taxpayer as it does not contain a digital signature. After receiving the ITR V form, you have to sign it and sent it to the income tax department, Bangalore to complete your e-filing process.

How can I Download ITR V?

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Upon e filing Income tax, the ITR V form will be sent to your linked e-mail (with your PAN) by the income tax department. It is a one-page form. It sometimes takes 2-3 days to receive the ITR V form. But if you haven’t received the form, you can download it from the income tax India portal. Follow the following steps to download the ITR form:

Step 1: Visit income tax India portal, here. And then login ITR portal with your PAN card as your username. If you do not have an account, then you first have to register yourself by entering your credentials on the Income Tax India portal.

Step 2: Once you have logged on, click on view e-Filed Returns/Forms under my account section.

Step 3: Then select ITR – Income Tax Returns and click submit.

Step 4: Click on the option ‘Ack. No.’ to download ITR V. Click on the ITR to download. It would ask for a password which is a combination of your PAN number and date of birth. For instance, suppose your pan number is BBBAB1111B and date of birth is 01/01/1980. Then the password will be bbbab1111b01011980 (all in lower case).

Step 5: You can print the ITR V form.

Notably, you have to send this form to CPC Bangalore within 120 days of income tax e-filing.

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Points to Consider While Sending ITR V Form To CPC Bangalore

Sending ITR V Form To CPC Bangalore

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The following are the things that you must keep in mind while sending the Income Tax Return Verification form to CPC Bangalore:

  1. The Income Tax Return form should be printed black white i.e., in black ink only.
  2. No watermarks are allowed on the form apart from that of the Income Tax department which is automatically printed on the form before you download it.
  3. The print of the form should be clear and it should not fade.
  4. The ITR V form should be printed on A4 size white paper.
  5. Do not use stapler on the form – it is not allowed.
  6. No typing on the reverse side of the Income Tax Return Verification form.

How do I Submit ITR V Form?

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After downloading the Income Tax Return Verification form, you have to send it to the Central Processing Centre, Bangalore. You can speed post it to the following address:

Post Bag No.1,

Electronic City Post Office,

Bangalore, Karnataka 560100

How Can I Check my ITR V Receipt Status?

Check my ITR V Receipt Status

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After sending the Income Tax Return Verification form, it must reach the CPC Bangalore within 4-5 days. You can check its status through:

  • CPC Bangalore will email you an acknowledgement after receiving the form.

  • You can also check the status online on the official government portal.

  • If your Income Tax Return Verification Form is not marked received within 10 days, you can call on the govt. of India tax helpline number, 1800-425-2229, from 9 AM to 8 PM.

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