In order to apply for small business loan in Kanpur is a tedious task- this is a very common belief of many business owners. There are many lenders who offer the best small business loans in India. And in today’s world of technology, applying for a loan is not at all a hectic and tiring task. There are many lenders who offer the credit facility to the borrowers in easy and trouble-free steps. In fact, there are some lenders who also offer loans for a small business in just 3 steps. Read on to know the 3-steps in depth.

Check Eligibility

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The first step to applying for a small business loan in Kanpur is to check the eligibility. It is very important to check the eligibility for a loan. Every lender has a different set of eligibility criteria. You can either visit the website of the lender to check the eligibility or his office. Additionally, some lenders also offer an eligibility calculator on their website where you just have to fill some details about your business. The following is the list of information that you have to fill:

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Apply for Business Loan

  • Business vintage
  • Total sales
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Business city

Apply for a Loan

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If you have checked the eligibility for a loan for a lender and you completely meet it, the next step is to apply for a small business loan in Kanpur. If you have chosen an offline loan lender, you need to visit the lender’s office in person and apply for a loan. However, filling the entire loan application will take time a lot of time.

Nonetheless, if you have applied for a loan online, you can just visit the lender’s website to fill the application for a loan. You have to fill a few personal and business details to apply for a loan which will not take more than 10 minutes. Additionally, your time to visit the lender’s office in person would also be saved.

Upload Documents

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The last step is to upload documents. With the offline lenders, you have to visit their office and submit the hard copies of the documents. And for online lenders, you have to submit the documents in PDF format. In addition, online lenders require a minimal list of documents for a loan which makes it further easy for you to apply for a loan for business. The following is the list of documents most commonly required by them:

  • PAN card
  • Last 12-months bank statement
  • Last 2-3 year ITR
  • Business place address proof
  • Residence address proof
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Now that you know 3 easy steps to apply for a small business loan in Kanpur, you can avail the credit facility in a hassle-free manner. Additionally, you can also register your business for free at the Connect App by ZipLoan to build your business network. Through the e-marketplace, you can create a business profile, list your products/services, find business, discover new business opportunities, and build connections.

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