GSTIN has partnered with some of the Billing and Accounting Software vendors to provide free software to MSMEs in India (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). The step is taken after the directions of GST Council. MSMEs having an annual turnover of less than Rs. 1.5 crores in a financial year will be provided this service for free. The facility will be offered to active taxpayers (normal), SEZ developers/ SEZ Units, and taxpayers in India who have opted for Composition Scheme under the GST regime.

There are eight software products to choose from. These are available as a downloadable version (which can be downloaded and installed on the desktop as well as a laptop) and cloud-based version. The software allows taxpayers to run his daily business by easily providing day-to-day billing and accounting features. It also provides the features to file returns of GST related compliance.

Various free features of the billing and accounting software by GSTIN include Sale/ Purchase/ Cash ledger, Supplier/ Customer Masters, Inventory Management, Generation of Invoices, and Preparation of GST Returns. The software will be available to the eligible taxpayers till 31.03.2021 or until the MSMEs annual turnover remains under Rs. 1.5 crores in a financial year. After this, the taxpayer will have to pay a minimal fee to the vendors.

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In case the taxpayer or MSME owner wants to use features other than the ones offered in the free version, he will have to visit the vendor to ascertain the applicable fee.

How to Download Billing & Accounting Software?

To download the free billing and accounting software, the taxpayer has to visit GST portal. Then, he has to login to the GST portal with valid credentials and navigate to Downloads > Accounting and Billing Option. From there, he can download the software for free. Notably, only registered MSMEs with GST portal can avail this service.

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