Government is planning to set up facilitation centers across the country to help Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), said Ram Mohan Mishra, MSME ministry’s additional secretary on Monday. The MSME is considering this step to increase the competitiveness in the sector and integrate them with big companies.

The services are available in the market, but others don’t know about them. The development of enterprise facilitation centers will help in disseminating information and diagnosing troubles faced by them.

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Ram Mohan Mishra also added that the ministry is working towards improving the capacity of enterprises that exist at the lower rung of the supply chain. The ministry is integrating big enterprises and small enterprises to improve chain value. This will help MSMEs to organically join the chain and supply their products and materials by improving their quality and also becoming price competitive.

Mishra made the statement while addressing a workshop organized on social entrepreneurship. He said that the government is more focused on facilitation because markets move at their own pace. We facilitate in such a way to reduce the cost and upgrade quality so that the products get accepted in the market.

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He said that the government’s effort is to make the entire ecosystem symmetrical so that the overall cost goes down, quality improves, and MSMEs can be integrated into the supply chain. Also, Mishra listed the seven aspects on which the ministry is helping MSMEs fine-tune: knowledge services, human capacity development, infrastructure, access to finance, market access, and ease of doing business.

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