Google map is being used for banking frauds. Many scamsters are using google map for banking frauds. Scamsters are taking the advantages of the google map loopholes to perform banking frauds.

How are Google Map Scams Done?

google map scam

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As per the Google’s User Generated Content Policy, anyone can edit the information present on the Google Map. This includes phone numbers and addresses as well. Google’s navigation App has offered this feature for the small restaurants and shops to mark themselves on App. There is currently no verification on the part of Google about the name, contact details, address, and photos entered by anybody.

The scamsters are using this loophole for their advantage. To fool people and get money from their bank account, they are entering wrong information, including phone numbers at the place of bank details. The scamsters simply find the bank location and add their own numbers as the point of contact.

People think that the number provided on the google map is correct and they call on the number thinking it belongs to the bank branch. The scamsters impersonate bank employees and extract people’s bank details, including their card numbers, PINs, and even CVV.

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A report from The Hindu states that SB Balsing Rajput, Maharashtra State Cyber Police, said, “we received three complaints from the Bank of India. We have informed Google about these cases.”

He further said that many customers search the bank contact details on the internet. And then they call on the wrong number for information. They do not get to know that they are talking to scamsters and give crucial information related to their bank accounts to them. This information includes PINs and CVVs which are important details of the debit card.

What is Google Map?

what is google map

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Google Map is a navigation service provided by the search engine Google. The Google Maps India is a Web-based service and it provides detailed geographical information about my location and directions.

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