Many small businesses are coming into operations these days. Nevertheless, starting a business with limited funds can be a daunting task. But if there is some potential in the small business ideas, then the business can generate good revenues and do well in its field. One can take the example of Dhirubhai Ambani as he also started his business from a very small level. Gradually, his business grew, and today, Mukesh Ambani is one of the biggest industrialists’ of India.

Let’s know talk about the three small business ideas which can earn you good profits.

Kirana Store

The speed at which the Indian population is increasing, there will be an increase in demand for daily consumable items. So, this means that a Kirana store or grocery store can be a perfect small business idea. No special requirement qualification is required to open a grocery store. But the store owner has to work harder to take his business to success. A grocery business can be started with an investment of just Rs. 1-3 lakhs.

Top 5 Most Successful Small Business Ideas In India

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Candle Manufacturing Business

Candles were earlier only used to illuminate house or other places for that matter during power cuts. However, many people these days use colourful candles as a part of their home decoration and ambiance. Presently, candles are being used in parties, festivals, marriages, etc. for decoration. A candle manufacturing business can be started in as less as just Rs. 1 lakh. The most expensive thing is the candle making machine. All other required material and things easily are available in the market.

Event Management

One of the largest growing industries in today’s time is Event Management. Everyone nowadays wants to enjoy their functions and parties and don’t want to involve themselves in the tiresome preparations. For this, they can spend a lot of money. An event management company does the same work for its clients. It better manages the functions for its customers. It arranges the events in hotels or halls. The events can range from marriage parties to political elections. It is a great business idea. To start an event management company, the business owner requires capital of Rs. 1 lakh and at least 2-3 employees.

Get Instant Business Loan

All the points mentioned above are the best small business ideas that can help you earn good profits right from the first year of starting the business. If you have a running business for more than two years with a turnover of more than Rs. 10 lakhs, you can avail a small business loan from ZipLoan. We offer unsecured loans at minimal documentation and no prepayment charges (after payment of 6 EMIs) in just three days.

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